Human Horizon Launch of the New Era for Vehicles

Preceding from idea that Human Centric, Human Horizons commits to plan future mobility with a holistic approach since the very beginning.

A brand new luxury electric vehicle brand named “HiPhi” is released at the conference, meanwhile revealing the first “HiPhi” electric vehicle, which embarks a new journey, connecting future with technology led by Human Intelligence.
Design & Animation​​​​​​​
The Stage​​​​​​​
The Show Moment​​​​​​​

Client: Human Horizon
Agency: China KingWay
Production: Spectro Visuals

Show Director: Zhong Hao
Creative Director: Ben Pang & Aston Lai
Animation Director: Ben Pang & Wystan
Art Director: Wystan
Account Executive: Howard Foo
Executive Producer: Dino Zheng
Designers: Xu Xin Hao, Li Yong Meng, Luo Li Bo, Gao Zhan Yong, Leo Phing, KH Yew, Chen Ming Zhen
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